Bulk create emails accounts in PLESK 12

I recently had to create over 40 email accounts for a client. Obviously i did not want to add them one by one.

Here is a little bash script I found that made the entire process a 30sec event.

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Plesk WordPress nginx directive

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Plesk: Find all databases and login credentials

If you need to list all of the MySQL databases managed by Plesk along with their corresponding domains and login credentials, you can use this handy query.

SELECT domains.name AS domain_name,
data_bases.name AS database_name, db_users.login, accounts.password
FROM data_bases, db_users, domains, accounts
WHERE data_bases.dom_id = domains.id
AND db_users.db_id = data_bases.id
AND db_users.account_id = accounts.id
ORDER BY domain_name;

You will now a full list of all the databases, user names and passwords.

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Plesk: show all FTP accounts and passwords

I recently had a request to retrive all the ftp passwords for a domain that had a number of different FTP accounts configured in PLESK.

Here's a query i used to retrieve all the FTP account information from the Plesk internal database.
It will show you every username and password of all accounts that have been created via the Plesk panel.

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Howto set Roundcube as the default webmail client in plesk 11

I recently noticed that about 255 domains hosted on one of my Plesk 11.5 servers that had Horde set as the default webmail client. I personally dont like Horde and prefer that all domains use Roundcube.

Instead of manually updating each domain, this is what I did to do it all in one shot.

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