Domain Name Registration, Transfers and Renewals.

Register a New Domain Name

Full control of your domain names DNS zone.

you can very easily manage your MX records, A records, CNAME records and TXT records

Transferring your Domain

Just as you have to notify people of a change of address when you move house, so you have to inform your domain name Registrar when you change hosting companies – enabling them to redirect traffic to your new hosting location. Once your domain name registration record has been updated to reflect 2Large Networks domain name servers, you will start enjoying all the benefits of hosting with 2Large Networks.

Domain Transfer Costs

2Large Networks does not charge for domain transfers. International domain name transfers always incur an annual domain renewal fee which is the same as the domain name registration cost.

Renewing your Domain

All domains registered by 2Large Networks, will receive renewal reminders 30 days before the domain expires. We will automatically renew your domain on your behalf and adding the renewal fee to your next invoice.

Should you decide not to renew your domain, simply click on the link provided within the renewal reminder email, we will the start the domain de-registration or removal process on your behalf.